Who Is the Sword-Bishop?

He is an inde­pen­dent bish­op with a valid suc­ces­sion and epis­co­pal con­se­cra­tion accord­ing to the Roman Catholic Rite, how­ev­er, in the will of GOD cho­sen by no man, nor by any eccle­si­as­ti­cal insti­tu­tion, nor stand­ing under any eccle­si­as­ti­cal juris­dic­tion, but sole­ly appoint­ed by GOD to be the per­son­al Instru­ment of JESUS CHRIST for these and future times in order that he speak and act in accor­dance with His Heart – in which he reads! The sword is the Word of GOD bring­ing forth the divi­sion of spir­its!

Called by GOD

Niko­laus, a deep mys­tic and charis­mat­ic per­son, received from GOD already as a child extra­or­di­nary graces and charis­mas. From his ear­li­est child­hood he has expe­ri­enced the school of GOD to be trained to be His per­son­al Instru­ment. It is there­fore not sur­pris­ing that GOD made use of the mar­riage con­tract­ed in the year 1965, after 12 years of deep­est har­mo­ny, for a hero­ic sac­ri­fice.
„Who loves father or moth­er, wife or child more than Me is not wor­thy of Me.“ Abra­ham was to sac­ri­fice his son. St. Nicholas of Flüe sac­ri­ficed his fam­i­ly. The same sac­ri­fice GOD demand­ed from His Instru­ment for the Church! His heart rent by grief, he fol­lowed the call of GOD in 1975: „The children’s unselfish prayer alone is it giv­en to calm My anger!“ and found­ed the Children’s Prayer Storm, which first gained a foothold in Hol­land.
In the year 1977 Niko­laus was, in accor­dance with GOD’s will, ordained a priest and con­se­crat­ed a bish­op accord­ing to the Rit­uale Romanum of the Roman Catholic Church by Bish­op Ger­ar­dus Franck, who had been con­vert­ed from the Old Roman Catholic to the Roman Catholic Church.
On the way to the con­se­cra­tion to bish­op, Niko­laus heard the SAVIOUR say: „Be you My Sword-Bish­op.“ (The sword sig­ni­fies the Word of GOD.)

Destroyed by the ene­mies and reject­ed by the Church after fruit­ful activ­i­ty and being very suc­cess­ful, GOD brought about that the Children’s Prayer Storm with the earned graces became the birth­place of the present com­mu­ni­ty around the Sword-Bish­op.

To car­ry the Main Com­mand­ment, the love of GOD and neigh­bour, out into the world, to teach the igno­rant, to uncov­er the secret machi­na­tions of Satan and to renew the Church in the HOLY SPIRIT are among the main tasks of the Sword-Bish­op.

On the YouTube chan­nel of the Sword-Bish­op you will find the videos of the ser­mons about man­i­fold and present-day top­ics:www.youtube.com/Sword-Bishop

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