Mary’s Great­ness –
GOD and the Mother of GOD Are Our Anchor

“The Mother of GOD has such a full­ness of majes­ty, see­ing her you belie­ve that the ent­i­re outer space is com­ing your way, the who­le uni­ver­se! So we would only suf­fer from not having thousand kne­es to kne­el down befo­re her. How uni­ma­gin­ab­le must GOD then be!”

“GOD and the Mother of GOD wish peop­le to look at them, to come to them as often as pos­si­ble. The well-beha­ved ones as a mat­ter of cour­se, but the ill-beha­ved ones all the more. GOD and the Mother of GOD are our anchor as long as we live. And what cap­tain throws away the anchor? If you have lap­sed into mor­tal sin, jump to GOD, to the Mother of GOD, to Joseph!”

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