Wave of Fire over the Earth

“I had to see it in a visi­on; but if GOD shows me some­thing as an image, I can never find the words to exact­ly exp­lain it in the same way and then it is still not like that. Becau­se I, too, am only human. So, I have seen a huge fire wheel like a wave of fire sweeping through the earth, few peop­le escaped from it – peop­le with con­tri­ti­on and of good will. The­se peop­le were abso­lute­ly enkind­led for GOD. – A won­der­ful and peace­ful time fol­lo­wed the event. – The HOLY SPIRIT can enkind­le you for GOD or He crus­hes you with His fire.”

Adja­cent text: Watch live on Sunday the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass of the Sword-Bishop! The Sword-Bishop cele­bra­tes the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass in Ger­man. Eng­lish-spea­king per­sons can down­load he Mass texts as a PDF docu­ment.

Tho­se inte­res­ted can send an e‑mail to: nch@neuchristen.com, so that you can recei­ve the log­in pass­word.

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