Faith Makes You See

“JESUS said at the Last Sup­per: ‘I do not want to lea­ve you as orphans, I will come to you. Soon, the world will no lon­ger see Me, but you shall see Me, for I live and you shall live, too. At the very day you will reco­gni­se that I am in My FATHER und you are in Me and I am in you.’ Then He also said: ‘A short while and you will no lon­ger see Me. After a short while you will see Me again. Though the world will not see Me, you will see Me.’ This could be inter­pre­ted in many ways, e.g. the Eucha­ris­tic Bread, the SAVIOUR in the Host. Only the belie­ver sees it. The world, who does not belie­ve, does not see the SAVIOUR in the Host. As He says: ‘I am with you all the days …’”

If the SAVOUR had stay­ed on the earth, e.g. in Rome, what would hap­pen today? They would inter­view Him, the repor­ters would take pic­tures of Him and so on. At that moment, His Per­son, whom one can see direct­ly, would be more important than the Last Sup­per, the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass. But the faith is grea­ter. That is why the HOLY SPIRIT, whom one does not see, works in the Church, becau­se the unbe­lie­vers shall not see, reco­gni­se Him.”

Adja­cent text: Watch live on Sunday the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass of the Sword-Bishop! The Sword-Bishop cele­bra­tes the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass in Ger­man. Eng­lish-spea­king per­sons can down­load he Mass texts as a PDF docu­ment.

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