July 2020

Going and Taking the Precious Blood
The Sacrament of Confession

My beloved, a heart­felt wel­co­me to today’s Sacri­fice of the Mass on Sunday on the feast of the Pre­cious Blood. We remem­ber this Pre­cious Blood every time by con­tem­pla­ting the Cross with the SAVIOUR on it. It is wrong when one belie­ves that GOD has suf­fered the ter­ri­ble death of the Cross for us and as a result we are free from sin for ever. No, we must go and take the Blood, ask for it with con­tri­ti­on and sor­row. We, Catho­lics, Old Catho­lics, Ortho­dox belie­vers and some sepa­ra­te bran­ches of it do have the pos­sibility that our sins are blot­ted out again in Con­fes­si­on through the Pre­cious Blood. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, in many pla­ces this is no lon­ger the prac­ti­ce, alt­hough it is writ­ten in the Bible. The SAVIOUR said to the Apost­les: „Who­se sins you shall for­gi­ve, they are for­gi­ven them.“ But He fur­ther said: „Who­se sins you shall retain, they are retai­ned!“ If someo­ne only enters the con­fes­sio­nal in order to sim­ply be clean for a while, but does not intend to chan­ge his life, or at least tri­es not to com­mit the­se sins any more, the­re is no firm reso­lu­ti­on. So for me the­re is only one thing: to sin no more! That is the power of the Pre­cious Blood.

The Words of Con­se­cra­ti­on
At the Last Sup­per, JESUS said the words of Con­se­cra­ti­on: „This  is My Body, which will be given up for you. … As often as you shall do the­se things, you shall do them for per­pe­tu­al rene­wal!“ That  is the cor­rect … more

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