April 2020

Body and Blood of JESUS CHRIST
Holy Food for the Soul

My beloved! JESUS has alrea­dy pre­dic­ted the Eucha­rist, His Body in the Host. The Apost­le John wro­te JESUS’ words in his Gos­pel: „My Flesh is real Food and My Blood is real Drink!“ and not­hing else. Now human theo­lo­gy comes along – I do not say the divi­ne one, but the human theo­lo­gy – and claims, this should be under­stood in such and such a way, it only has a spi­ri­tu­al mea­ning. That is human rea­so­ning. I lis­ten to JESUS, that is to say word for word, and every syll­ab­le, every cha­rac­ter which He said for me is GOD! And He said: „My Flesh is real Food,“ – why does He say “real”? – „and My Blood is real Drink!“ When JESUS took the wafer be-fore His death, or rather bread in tho­se days, He bles­sed it, of­fered it up say­ing: „Take and eat, this is My Body!“ He said: „Eat!“ not: „Take it spi­ri­tual­ly!“ or: „Take it into your heart!“ but: „Eat, for this is My Body!“ Why take other words? The­se words are real­ly expli­citly clear, but then theo­lo­gi­ans come along and think they must chan­ge them: „Well, you can­not under­stand it like that, it is to be unders­tood dif­fer­ent­ly …“

You have to stu­dy theo­lo­gy for so many years, but GOD, the SAVIOUR, spo­ke in such a way that even child­ren unders­tood. The SAVIOUR said: „Let the litt­le ones come to Me and do not hin­der them!“ Is it real­ly necessa­ry to stu­dy so many years to under­stand what the SAVIOUR more

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