May 2020


Empress Mary
Veneration of the Mother of GOD

My beloved! I have given the Mother of GOD a tit­le that today perhaps is no lon­ger so usu­al or odd: Empress, becau­se St Bro­ther Klaus also cal­led her “my Empress.” And I sup­po­se that he was someo­ne who knew what he was doing – a holy man, who has unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly beco­me for­got­ten. To think that Pope Pius XII ap­pointed him Patron of the world peace. In our day it would be essen­ti­al to ask St Bro­ther Klaus for help.

How am I to exp­lain what Mary means to GOD? Do you love your father and your mother? Do you think that the SAVIOUR loves His par­ents less? Do you remem­ber your par­ents with gra­ti­tu­de and love if they are decea­sed and were good and kind? Why is the SAVIOUR not allo­wed to do so like­wi­se? Does a human being  who loves his par­ents have more love than GOD? Should GOD not out­do us? Or can we claim that we are capa­ble of mea­su­ring GOD’s love? Impos­si­ble! He is GOD! That is say­ing it all. My heart must burn for GOD. First I must have the love of GOD – our Main Com­man­dment: „You shall love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.“ This is the first part of the Main Com­man­dment, but the second one is like it: „You shall love your neigh­bour as yourself.“ Anyo­ne who does not do so, is not a Chris­ti­an!

Why should I not be allo­wed to often say the “Hail Mary,” which GOD inst­ruc­ted the Angel to say to this Vir­gin after all? Is it for­bid­den more

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