Feb­ru­ary 2020

Bringing up Children
Parental Responsibility

My beloved! In bring­ing up chil­dren there are often prob­lems in the fam­i­ly. It is impor­tant that the fam­i­ly is intact. But today that  is no longer pos­si­ble. No soon­er do the chil­dren enter nurs­ery school than they become cor­rupt­ed. Sud­den­ly they start say­ing things which real­ly make you stand aghast: „How can a child already say such a thing?“ Then do not scold him, explain him and say in a calm voice: „Not in this house.“ Many par­ents have their children’s best inter­ests at heart and want to help them by say­ing: „It is time for you to go to con­fes­sion again!“ It is wrong to put pres­sure on them. Just be a good exam­ple. With­out a good exam­ple, even the best dress­ing-down is of no use. When, of course, the father explains: „Boy, you must not lie, it is not done!“ and then he is fill­ing out the tax return say­ing: „Well, you know, here we will write …,“ then the good exam­ple is miss­ing. This is just one exam­ple, there are thou­sands.

Father, moth­er, if you dis­agree in mat­ters con­cern­ing your chil­dren and you get into an argu­ment, do not quar­rel with each oth­er in front of them. The child observes: „Ah, who is on my side?“ and will remem­ber. Then he will always go to this par­ent. That, how­ev­er, is still healthy and nor­mal. It was the same in our fam­i­ly. One of my sons came to me and said: „Dad, can I do this?“ At first I answered: „Yes, all right, you do that.“ Lat­er I found out that my wife had said some­thing dif­fer­ent to him before. Next time he came to me again, after Moth­er Paula had said no, because he thought: „Dad is more like­ly to give in.“ But this time I asked him: „What does mum say?“ – Hold togeth­er in front of the chil­dren, I say it once again, it is so impor­tant to me. Do not push them … more

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