Religious Life

Apart from the immedia­te co-ope­ra­ti­on with the preaching of the Gos­pel the “Ser­vants of the Holy Mother Church” are acti­ve in house­kee­ping, the office, the gar­den, tailo­ring, prin­ting and along tho­se lines. If pos­si­ble, their sphe­re of acti­vi­ty is adap­ted to the abi­li­ties.

Tasks of the Abbess

Having her con­ti­nuous atten­ti­on direc­ted to the divi­ne Bri­de­groom JESUS, her dai­ly work is abundant­ly rep­le­nis­hed with the spi­ri­tu­al gui­d­ance of the Sis­ter Order, exten­si­ve orga­ni­sa­tio­nal acti­vi­ties, trans­la­ti­on work, visi­ta­ti­on trips to the affi­lia­te mis­sio­na­ry sta­ti­ons whe­re if pos­si­ble she hosts a women’s dis­cus­sion group, and many other things.

Tying Rosaries

For the near-at-hand admis­si­on of Sis­ters the novices are tying their own per­so­nal Rosa­ry them­sel­ves.

Off into the Fresh Air!

It goes without say­ing that a cer­tain peri­od of time in the Order is spent also on phy­si­cal exer­cise. A stroll of at least 20 minu­tes is on the dai­ly agen­da. It makes no dif­fe­rence whe­ther it is bright sunshi­ne or rain, snow, fog – the Sis­ters are wea­ther­pro­of and admi­re GOD’s natu­re.

Reli­gious Edu­ca­ti­on for Child­ren

In the Mother House as well as in the affi­lia­te mis­sio­na­ry sta­ti­ons the Sis­ters devo­te them­sel­ves par­ti­cu­lar­ly also to the child­ren and help them to appre­cia­te the basics of Catho­lic doc­tri­ne. Reli­gi­on is not a mat­ter of intel­li­gence but a mat­ter of the heart. The love of GOD should alrea­dy be instil­led in the hearts of the youn­gest child­ren. Child­ren are the apple of GOD’s eye.

Depen­ding on the child’s abi­li­ty to take things in, inst­ruc­tion alrea­dy starts at pre-school age. For this pur­po­se we have com­pi­led the inst­ruc­tio­n­al ring-bin­der “My First Reli­gious Edu­ca­ti­on”, which is writ­ten in a way appro­pria­te to the child’s age and deco­ra­ted with appe­aling pic­tures. In this way the child­ren are effort­less­ly fami­lia­ri­sed with the mys­te­ries of the faith, into which in turn the par­ents ought to go deeper with their child­ren at home.

Addi­tio­nal inst­ruc­tio­n­al ring-bin­ders com­pi­led by us are: My First Cate­chism, Holy Con­fir­ma­ti­on, Holy Con­fes­si­on, Holy First Com­mu­ni­on, … For the very young we have fly­ers with appe­aling colour­ful pic­tures.

Chapel Decoration

The church is embel­lis­hed with fresh flowers and on high feasts ador­ned with a magni­ficent spe­cial dis­play of flowers – after all, she is the dwel­ling of our LORD! For wed­dings the bri­de and groom are asked for their wish for flowers and the church and pews are deco­ra­ted accord­ing to their request. At Christ­mas a beau­ti­ful fir tree is put up in our church with straw stars and bau­bles.

Maintenance of the Premises

Whe­ther it be wate­ring the flowers, cut­ting the hedge, mowing the lawn, plan­ting trees, raking lea­ves, stacking wood or clea­ring away moun­tains of snow – the Sis­ters are up and doing. Well-kept pre­mi­ses are always appre­cia­ted.

Kitchen – Home Bakery

For over 20 per­sons the meals are dai­ly pre­pa­red by the kit­chen Sis­ters. As a rule, the coo­king is simp­le, but well-sea­so­ned. Bes­i­des, gre­at care is taken when it comes to kit­chen hygie­ne. At the time of the vege­ta­ble and fruit har­vest it is peak sea­son in the kit­chen, ever­ything being home-pro­ces­sed. Deli­cious jams, syrups, juices, etc. are pro­du­ced. Guests, enjoy­ing a sojourn in Rehe­to­bel, are also glad to assist with the inte­res­ting kit­chen tasks.

When Christ­mas is at hand, the home bak­e­ry opens up. Doughs for all kinds of pas­tries are pre­pa­red, but­ter bis­cuits are cut out to size, baked, pain­ted. At Eas­ter time pain­ting Eas­ter eggs is on the agen­da and the faith­ful are loo­king for­ward to a bright­ly colou­red egg every year.

Meat plat­ters, can­a­pé food, etc. are tas­te­ful­ly pre­pa­red and pre­sen­ted on dif­fe­rent occa­si­ons such as wed­dings, gathe­rings for New Chris­ti­ans, for mar­ried cou­ples, for men and for women. The home-made wed­ding, bap­tism and First Com­mu­ni­on cakes are always prai­sed.

Laundry Room

Being with over 20 peop­le means having wee­kly pro­por­tio­na­te­ly huge piles of laund­ry, which, howe­ver, will have been soon clea­red away by many dili­gent hands.

Tailoring Room

Mass ves­t­ments, cas­socks, nun’s clothes and veils are tailor-made in the Mother House. The making of sto­les, hume­ral veils and copes like­wi­se belongs to the scope of tasks of the Sis­ters in the tailo­ring room. From lar­ge cloth rolls aprons, curtains and many other things are crea­ted.

Printing – Book-Binding

On a mini off­set prin­ting machi­ne brochu­res, pocket plan­ners, wri­ting paper, enve­lo­pes, mon­th­ly ser­mons of the Sword-Bishop as well as mon­th­ly let­ters of Mother Pau­la and many more are prin­ted. In addi­ti­on, books are pro­fes­sio­nal­ly pro­du­ced by the Sis­ters. Ever­ything is hand-made from fol­ding, sewing, glu­eing up to the pro­duc­tion of hard covers with embos­sed imprints.

And so on and so forth

Prayer Life

Lin­ge­ring befo­re the Most Bles­sed Sacra­ment of the Altar is the source of strength of CHRIST’s Bri­des. Several times a day the Abbess with the daugh­ters ent­rus­ted to her go to the con­vent cha­pel or to the Church for pray­er, whe­re they offer up to GOD their pray­er and day’s work for the per­so­nal Instru­ment of JESUS CHRIST, the Church, the world and the sal­va­ti­on of souls – acting on behalf of all human­kind. In doing so the Order as power sta­ti­on of the Church will achie­ve a lot with GOD and sup­port the cler­gy in their acti­vi­ties.

Spiritual Reading – Leisure

Con­tem­pla­ti­on befo­re the Most Bles­sed Sacra­ment of the Altar and spi­ri­tu­al rea­ding are part of the holy dai­ly pro­gram­me of the Sis­ters of the Order. Sac­red Scrip­tu­re is the gua­ran­tor or as the Sword-Bishop says the ske­le­ton of CHRIST’s tea­ching. Books such as tho­se of Anne Catha­ri­ne Emme­rich and Maria Val­tor­ta on the Life and Pas­si­on of CHRIST, books of Tere­sa of Avi­la, Fran­cis de Sales, Thé­rè­se of the Child JESUS and many more others are spi­ri­tu­al enrich­ments. They ser­ve the Sis­ters for the qui­cke­n­ing and deepe­ning of their inner life and fos­ter their per­so­nal rela­ti­ons­hip with JESUS, their divi­ne Bri­de­groom.

From time to time some unwin­ding takes place with a nice par­ty game, others cro­chet, knit or like to do han­di­c­rafts.

Contact with the Faithful – Playing with Children

On Sundays, during home visits or on other occa­si­ons the Sis­ters also take time for con­ver­sa­ti­ons with the faith­ful – an encou­ra­ging smi­le, a good word … The child­ren are having the time of their lives when the Sis­ters are showing an inte­rest in their games.

Playing Music

Someo­ne who is musi­cal­ly gifted and enjoys an instru­ment can play music in our con­vent. Several Sis­ters play the recor­der, tra­ver­se flu­te and pan­pipes, the key­board, the pia­no, the organ and even the alp­horn. Church hymns are recor­ded on sound car­ri­ers by our orga­nist and used in the cha­pels to join in the sin­ging.