The Woman in the Church

With the com­ing of the Mes­siah the sta­tus of the woman has been radi­cal­ly chan­ged. The who­le bur­den of dis­grace res­ted in the Old Tes­ta­ment, whe­ther jus­t­ly or unjus­t­ly, on the woman. But then GOD gathe­red all graces in a woman and cho­se her to be the Mother of GOD. If it is true that the woman used to be exclu­ded from eccle­si­asti­cal ser­vice, it is also true that now she can stand by the priest as a co-worker and valu­able hel­per.

Mary, the Mother of GOD, and the women disci­ples of JESUS sup­por­ted the SAVIOUR’s mis­si­on, as they, too, exp­lai­ned the Word of GOD to the peop­le. Often they were pioneers for JESUS’ minis­try, announ­cing His arri­val, and pro­vi­ding for the phy­si­cal well-being of the Apost­les and disci­ples. In short: the woman of the ear­ly Chris­ti­an Church was con­cer­ned that GOD’s ser­vant was able to con­ti­nue in free­dom the work of his Mas­ter.

Women Disciples of the LORD – Our Order of Sisters

„Ser­vants of the Holy Mother Church“ is what the women and girls call them­sel­ves who join our Order. As disci­ples of JESUS they renoun­ce the world and all world­ly things in order to devo­te them­sel­ves to GOD alo­ne in vol­un­ta­ry ren­un­cia­ti­on. As an outer sign of their spi­ri­tu­al betro­thal to their divi­ne Bri­de­groom JESUS they wear blue habits and a ring with the engra­ving   ”JESUS”.

It is not a whim, this voca­ti­on and betro­thal to GOD; it is an exal­ted elec­tion, or rather the crow­ning glo­ry of the fema­le sex. 1 Cor. 6,17: „But he who is joi­ned to the Lord is one spi­rit.“

Joy of living and cheer­ful­ness, natu­ral­ness and humour are very wel­co­me vir­tu­es. Loving GOD with their who­le and undi­vi­ded heart is the essence and crown of their voca­ti­on.

If someo­ne is inte­res­ted in the reli­gious sta­te, we offer, after a posi­ti­ve inter­view, a free stay for the pur­po­se of mutu­al acquain­tance. In the novicia­te, which usual­ly lasts a year, a decisi­on to imi­ta­te CHRIST can be thought over.

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