Holy Orders

The tasks of our cler­gy are qui­te mani­fold. At the Mother House and in the affi­lia­te mis­sio­na­ry sta­ti­ons they pro­vi­de pas­to­ral care for the faith­ful with the holy Sacra­ments, con­ver­sa­ti­ons and home visits. The Sacra­ments are food of the soul and GOD’s word is drink.


Befo­re the Most Bles­sed Sacra­ment, each of our cler­gy, be he a bishop, priest or deacon, gains the necessa­ry strength for his priest­ly minis­try – here the sal­va­ti­on of souls is asked and wrest­led for in pray­er. Apart from the dai­ly pray­ing of the Rosa­ry, twice-wee­kly devo­ti­ons are held and the solemn Eucha­ris­tic Bles­sing is impar­ted once a mon­th.
John 15,16: “You did not choo­se me, but I cho­se you and appoin­ted you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last. And so that wha­te­ver you ask in my name the Father will give you.”


Apart from the priest­ly tasks and the clea­ning of the church and cha­pel, our cler­gy are not afraid of some hard manu­al work, are busy doing trans­la­ti­on work or are len­ding an occa­sio­nal hel­ping hand to the sis­ters doing house­work. Main­ten­an­ce and care of the pre­mi­ses as well as reno­va­tions in the house are done by our­sel­ves and not sel­dom prai­sed by spe­cia­lists.



Conversations with the Faithful

The cler­gy are always pre­pa­red to lis­ten to the requests and worries of the faith­ful and are plea­sed too when fami­ly pro­blems can be sol­ved, when pro­fes­sio­nal suc­cess is to be seen, etc.




Priestly Functions

On the­se pic­tures you can see the cler­gy in some of their priest­ly tasks.



Administrations of Sacraments

The faith­ful are pro­vi­ded with the seven holy Sacra­ments. If someo­ne is ill or no lon­ger able to come to the Sacra­ments due to old age, he will be visi­ted wee­kly and streng­t­he­ned with the Sacra­ments. When a priest is cal­led to a dying per­son, he will set off without delay at any time of the day or night in order to admi­nis­ter Holy Unc­tion to him and to stand by his side on his way to eter­ni­ty.

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