April 2020

JESUS’ Ago­ny at the Mount of Olives
His Swea­ting Blood

Once more we are hea­ding for Eas­ter and it is cer­tain­ly a time to con­tem­pla­te more deeply on CHRIST’s suf­fe­ring – after all,  He went to the Cross for us. On the evening of Holy Thurs­day JESUS held the Last Sup­per with His Apost­les and insti­tu­ted the Holy Sacra­ment of the Altar, the grea­test and most holy lega­cy which GOD could bequeath to man­kind. On the Cross Blood and water flowed out from the wound of JESUS’ Heart and in  this way He gave birth to His holy Church. So He is also the  Head of the Church and the gates of hell may be able to beat this Church bloo­dy, but not over­power her.

After the Last Sup­per the SAVIOUR went with the Apost­les into the Gar­den of Geth­se­ma­ne at the Mount of Olives. In His im­meas­urable love the GOD-Man JESUS beca­me a bro­ther of the sin­ners in order to take upon Him­s­elf the punish­ment of all their guilt. The­re He iso­la­ted Him­s­elf, went fur­ther to a place not far from the spot whe­re Adam and Eve had stay­ed after lea­ving Para­di­se, and He pray­ed in sad­ness bey­ond words to His FATHER. He foresaw the hor­ri­ble tor­tu­re He had to endu­re and He asked His FATHER to allow this cup to pass from Him. Yet He com-ple­te­ly resi­gned to GOD’s will.

He saw all the suf­fe­rings, wounds and temptati­ons of the future Church, His bri­de, whom He wan­ted to purcha­se so dear­ly with His Blood, He saw the ing­ra­ti­tu­de more

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