Feb­ru­ary 2020

Things Often Do Not Go as Planned

Three trees grew on a hill. They lived mer­ri­ly with the sun and the wind and became big and strong. Hav­ing the sky above  them they raised their tops in the air. Hav­ing the earth beneath them they dug their roots deep into the ground. They had many storms behind them and as a result had grown strong. They had their whole lives ahead of them and were in joy­ful antic­i­pa­tion of what would come. They had their dreams and were wait­ing for them to come true.

The first tree dreamt of being a trea­sure chest one day, hold­ing a pre­cious trea­sure. – The sec­ond tree dreamt of being a ship. He longed to take kings across the oceans. – The third tree  want­ed to be the most impor­tant tree on earth. He want­ed to stay on the hill remind­ing all peo­ple of the mys­ter­ies of life.

One day two wood­cut­ters came and cut the three trees. The first tree was made into a manger and was placed in a poor sta­ble in Beth­le­hem. Ox and don­key ate from the manger and rub­bed their coats against the wood. Then in a won­drous night the Infant JESUS was born and placed in the manger. And so the wish to become a trea­sure chest was ful­filled after all, but in a very dif­fer­ent way and much deep­er than the tree had imag­ined.

The sec­ond tree was made
into a fish­ing boat. At the Lake of Gen­nesaret the fish­er­men sailed out with
their boat to sea. It was a hard day’s work in all weath­ers, in hard­ship and
pover­ty. Then one day JESUS came … more

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