May 2020

The Loving Heart

It is the mon­th of May and we want to com­mend our­sel­ves and all the peop­le espe­cial­ly to the Mother of the LORD.

Mary has such a loving heart for all the peop­le which no one  can begin to ima­gi­ne. GOD gave her all His love He has for us human bein­gs. He gave His SON into her heart and He lived through her heart. Con­se­quent­ly, her heart beca­me so mysteri­ous that she did not know herself any more. She beca­me an image of His love. JESUS lived in her heart and when He was born, He emer­ged from her just as He went through clo­sed doors after His Resur­rec­tion. She was ent­i­re­ly bathed in light and like an open door so as not to impair her vir­gini­ty. – Becau­se Mary is without sin, all this could hap­pen.

Her blood shaped the litt­le Heart of JESUS and went through it and retur­ned back into her heart again. – She could suf­fer and love with Him. He – GOD’s SON! She – His Mother! He gave her His love towards us human bein­gs. The Creator beco­mes crea­ture – and is born of a crea­tu­re. – Love was born from Mary. Her heart could not grasp it. If the HOLY SPIRIT had not sus-tai­ned her, she would have died instant­ly.

GOD was so clo­se to her and ent­e­red her. – Her heart burnt, sho­ne and loved when the Child came. – They were two in one heart. – The love of the FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT came with the SON. And so she was three times more

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