Mar­ria­ge rai­ses man and woman to a priest­hood wit­hin their fami­ly, which is the smal­lest cell of the Church. As can be glea­ned from the bibli­cal account of Crea­ti­on, GOD made the woman out of the first human being, who embo­di­ed the father­ly as well as the mother­ly natu­re.

With mar­i­tal pro­blems or ques­ti­ons about child edu­ca­ti­on we are always pre­pa­red to have a dia­lo­gue or to give some hel­pful advice.

In the Sacra­ment of Mar­ria­ge this sepa­ra­ti­on is over­co­me – Mark 10,7ff: „For this cau­se shall a man lea­ve father and mother and shall clea­ve to his wife, and they two shall be in one fle­sh. The­re­fo­re now they are not two, but one fle­sh. What the­re­fo­re God has joi­ned tog­e­ther, let not man put asun­der.“

Family – Family planning

By GOD’s com­mand „Be fruit­ful and mul­ti­ply!“ the fami­ly is an irre­pla­ce­ab­le „cog in the wheel“ of crea­ti­on. GOD never com­man­ded how many child­ren a mar­ried cou­p­le is meant to have. This decisi­on is incum­bent on the spou­ses alo­ne. In fact, it should be a vol­un­ta­ry, joy­ful, well-thought-out yes. Moreo­ver, man should be able to adapt hims­elf to the pre­vai­ling cir­cum­s­tan­ces and his pos­si­bi­li­ties.

Hus­band and wife have equal rights as mar­ria­ge part­ners. Mutu­al unsel­fi­sh love leads them into true wed­ded bliss and secu­res the child­ren a hap­py fami­ly life.

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