Holy Mass Centres

Below are lis­ted the loca­li­ties whe­re once a mon­th a priest ordai­ned by the Sword-Bishop cele­bra­tes the Holy Sacri­fice of the Mass:



in Belgium

B‑3670 Ouds­ber­gen-Mee­u­wen



in Austria

A‑6934 Sulz­berg

in Ita­ly

I‑39042 Bri­xen

Tho­se inte­res­ted in atten­ding them may plea­se con­ta­ct the Mother House in Rehe­to­bel
by e‑mail: nch@neuchristen.com
or call: +41 (0)71 / 877 22 22
for fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on.


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