Mother Pia, Abbess of our Sister Order
”Servants of the Holy Mother Church”

GOD has pre­pa­red her for her high office from her youth up. Asth­ma deman­ds many a renoun­ce­ment of the girl. At the age of 18 she beca­me acquain­ted with the Sword-Bishop, who admit­ted her to her office of Abbess by for­mal bles­sing in 1981 and cured her of her dise­a­se.

As Mother of the Order she leads the Sis­ters on their spi­ri­tu­al path through life

Excerpt from the Ordination to Abbess

„May the who­le power of the HOLY GHOST come over you, in so far as you stand in need of it, in order to ser­ve the plans of GOD as Mother of the ‘Ser­vants of the Holy Mother Church‘, of the mys­ti­cal Body of JESUS CHRIST. So let it be done in the Name of the Almigh­ty GOD, the FATHER, the SON, the HOLY GHOST.“

Benediction-Consecration of the Mother of GOD

„In order to com­ply with the will and per­so­nal mis­si­on of JESUS CHRIST, I impo­se upon you my high-priest­ly hands so that in you a spi­ri­tu­al chan­nel will be for­med and ope­ned through which from today may flow the spe­cial mother­ly bles­sing of the most bles­sed Vir­gin Mary, Mother of GOD, whenever you may want to do this for the bene­fit and sal­va­ti­on of the souls as well as for the Mother Church. Amen!“

Abbess Mother Pia
Abbess Mother Pia

„Rever­end Abbess, lest this pre­sent of grace of GOD, which you will be able to impart after my bles­sing, should dwind­le or be impai­red through inward or out­ward influ­en­ces of wha­te­ver kind, thus we set our seal to the­se your gifts of grace and con­se­cra­te you with Holy Oil, in the Name of the FATHER and the SON and the HOLY GHOST. Amen!“

„So come now upon you and in you the ever-pre­sent bles­sing of Mary, the Mother of GOD, always to impart it in the Name of the FATHER, in the Name of the SON and in the Name of the HOLY GHOST. Amen!“

„Now, Rever­end Abbess, go and thank and prai­se GOD, your LORD, who has done gre­at things for you.”

Give thanks to Mary, the Mother of GOD, and always have an inti­ma­te devo­ti­on and attach­ment to her. Free­ly you have recei­ved, free­ly you should pass it on. Bear in mind what full­ness of grace you are able to give. Always glad­ly share it out boun­ti­ful­ly. He who gives much, to him will be given much.

From now on you are everybody’s deb­tor becau­se this gift of grace is not for you, at least not only, but for your daugh­ters ent­rus­ted to you, for all who ask you for it, as well as for the Holy Mother Church and for who­me­ver you may want to use it for the sal­va­ti­on and tri­umph of the Invio­la­te Vir­gin Mary, Mother of GOD.

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