Descent of CHRIST – Veneration of the Holy Family

“The greatest thing existing on earth is the descent of the SAVIOUR on the Altar. That is why we want to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with devotion – by devotion I mean the joyous anticipation and delight that the SAVIOUR will come on the Altar at the Holy Consecration. Many people interpret devotion as a very serious matter. It is far too great to be serious. It is really our SAVIOUR – we are indeed on familiar terms with Him – and yet He is the supremely powerful GOD whom we will never be able to understand, even not in Heaven.

How much does today’s world need the veneration of the Holy Family – Joseph, Mary and JESUS. Here on earth the Holy Family is an image of the Most Holy TRINITY. The unity among the three Persons, the unity with GOD. – Every family is allowed and also ought to take refuge in this Holy Family.” (Sword-Bishop)


Brother Klaus - Prayer for World Peace

Prayer for World Peace