A Dramatic Career

“In the year zero to one the SAVIOUR started a dramatic down­ward career. We men for the most part strive for an upward career or at least give it a try. The SAVIOUR made a downward career. In His unfathomable Majesty – above Him there is no one – He comes down into the dark womb of Mary, a Virgin, and starts a frugal, poor life. And it did not end on an imperial or royal throne, but on the gallows, on the cross. To this self-divestment of JESUS belongs, of course, also the fact that He made this grand and powerful redemptive work dependent on a human being, to be precise, on a Virgin. This Virgin has really had the free will to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Had she said ‘no’ or had she hesitated, we would not have been saved. But because she said ‘yes’, we, the whole of mankind, are now able to reach Heaven, if we strive to live not as we think is pious, but as pleases GOD.” (Sword-Bishop)


Brother Klaus - Prayer for World Peace

Prayer for World Peace