The Holy Family as a Model
Prayer for the Families

My dearly beloved! The Holy Family is and always remains a model, which we should orient ourselves to. Father, mother and children make up a fa­mily. But the Church, too, is a family. The Church, too, has a father and mother: The mother is the Church; the first one of the Church is the father, under nor­mal circumstances it is the Pope or whom GOD appoints.

I am often heavily worried and deeply hurt because the fa­milies do not live accordingly. There are families in which father and mother are throwing vicious remarks at each other. Did Joseph and Mary do so? Do we have the right to treat someone else in such a way, although we, too, have our faults and sins? Do we forget that we have faults that we do not even know about? That everyone has a different character from which they cannot free themselves? To think that people argue because of it. Every child, too, has a different character.

Why do family members often think so little about the fact that  they can die? Let us suppose that the spouse or a child dies. If they had been in conflict with each other, if they had not loved each other, then one of them ... more

Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

January 2018