„Nikolaus, Take My Church with You!“
Pray with Your Heart

My dearly beloved! It is not about what we want, but about that GOD said: „Nikolaus, take My Church with you!“ When I became Bishop – that is to say, called by GOD, not by the Pope or a Bishop – I wanted to do every three years the very thing a Bishop does, to go to the Vatican and have a con­versation with the Pope. But I certainly could not do so, although I was validly consecrated, of which I was given confirmation by an episcopal canon lawyer of the Holy Rota, the Pontifical Court, who had examined me for well over two hours and then kneeled down and said: „Your Excellency, give me your blessing because you are validly consecrated!“

As the Church no longer acts as GOD wants her to, JESUS, the Sovereign, is looking for Bishops Himself. He Himself can call. Or should only the Pope be able to do so and GOD no longer? Does GOD not have a say any more? – And so I wanted to go to the Vatican, which I have known as a former Papal Swiss Guard, in fact, to Peter’s Tomb, as, of course, I could not go to the Pope. Then GOD said to me: „Nikolaus, you need not go there any ... more

Sermon of the Sword-Bishop

October 2017