There is a Creator

How can any man with common sense claim that there is a creation without a Creator? How foolish it would be to claim that a painting has no painter, a portrait no artist, a song no composer, a child no father and mother? How can even the smallest thing come into being out of nothingness?

Modern science has led us to incredible knowledge. People talk about a big bang, about the theory that in the beginning the whole universe originated from a single tiny dot, that there had been nothing before this big bang. And the latest discoveries  state that, before this big bang, when there was nothing apart from the Void, there was a sound, a tone, which can be measured to this day. People believe that these findings would disprove GOD. – What a fool must someone be to still doubt GOD’s existence considering these facts?

If nothing existed, neither matter nor energy, where did the sound come from that existed before anything came into being? – Who uttered the sound that made a universe come into being out of nothingness expanding to this day, de­velo­ping and eventually resulting ... more

January 2018

Monthly Letter