Proven Facts from Life

A priest narrates: „As a student I was allowed to make my first trip to Rome in 1925. It had almost cost me my life, though, and it was due to my own foolhardiness. Like many reckless Roman citizens, I had made a bad habit of oc­ca­sionally jumping off the moving tram. One evening I went as usual from the city centre to my district at the outskirts of the town. It was already quite dark. Because the stop was at some distance from my hotel, I hopped off the moving tram again just like that. With an unparalleled leap I was sent whirling over the pavement for several meters until I stopped, my head a few inches before a wall. I was not hurt, but if I had jumped off three seconds later, I would have inevitably run straight into the protruding corner of a wall and – with my head crushed would have been unable to get up. The whole night I never ceased to thank my Guardian Angel, who had saved my life so miraculously. From this hour on I had an even stronger connection with my Guardian Angel than before. As a chaplain I also experienced the tangible protection of the holy Angels many times in dangers of body and soul.

When I was a parish priest, the noble, saintly mother Maria-Theresia Meyer-Berndhold wrote to me one day: „Every morning do entrust your parish to the Guardian Angel of your parish by saying a quick prayer! You will soon discover its fruitful effect.“ On another occasion ... more

October 2017

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